Party Composition Edit

A Party is composed of two or more Forwards joining together to attack.

There is no limit to the number of Forward which can join a Party.

All Forwards in a Party must be able to attack at the time of its formation.

If any Forward in the Party leaves the Field, it is no longer in the Party.

There are two types of Parties:

1. Element Parties. All Forwards in an element Party must be of the same element.

2. P icon Parties. All Forwards in a P icon Party must have the P icon in the upper right corner of their card.

Forming Parties Edit

During the Attack Declaration Step, instead of attacking with only one Forward, you can form a Party to attack. The Party must follow the Party composition rules listed above. Dull all attacking Forwards.

Parties and Damage Edit

When a Party is Blocked by a Forward, it deals damage equal to the sum of the Power of all the Forwards in the Party to that Forward. The Blocker deal damage equal to its own Power distributed across members of the Party as the Blocker chooses, but in increments of 1000.

When a Party is not Blocked by a Forward, it deals one damage to the opponent.

Parties and Abilities Edit

If all members of a Party have Pre-emptive Strike, then the Party has Pre-emptive Strike. Otherwise it does not.

Even if a member of a Party has an ability which prevents it from being Blocked by some Forwards, if at least one member of the Party can be Blocked by a Forward, the entire Party can be Blocked by that Forward.

If the Forward Blocking the Party Breaks during the Damage Resolution Step due to the Party's damage, all members of the Party are considered to have Broken that Forward, even if some have not dealt any damage.

Disbanding Parties Edit

When a Party disbands, it means that it no longer is a Party and its members are no longer in a Party. There are two way in which a Party can disband:

  1. During the Combat End Step, if there is an active Party, it disbands.
  2. If there are fewer than two members left is a Party, it disbands.

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