Final Fantasy XIII Starter Set is one of three starter decks released during the debut of the Final Fantasy Trading Card Game (NA and EU). It includes a deck of 50 cards, a rules sheet, and a play mat.

The deck has a heavy emphasis on the Ice and Thunder Affiliations, with a Final Fantasy XIII theme.

See Also: Final Fantasy VII Starter, Final Fantasy X Starter

List Edit

  • Ice
    • Bard x2
    • Shiva x2
    • Summoner x2
    • Dark Knight x2
    • Dark Knight x2
    • *Cid Raines x3
    • *Jihl Nabaat x3
    • *Snow x3
    • *Serah x3
    • *Mog x3
  • Thunder
    • Odin x2
    • Sage x2
    • Summoner x2
    • Magus x2
    • Dragoon x2
    • *Gilgamesh x3
    • *Noel x3
    • *Maqui x3
    • *Lightning x3
    • *Rygdea x3

* Cards only found in the starter decks.

Summary & Tips Edit

  • The main focus of FFXIII Deck is to be offensive. It lets your forwards attack while your opponents forwards are weakened. Many forwards with low strength have Haste and can surprise your opponent and finish him off quickly. Pay attention to break cards and crush down your opponent with quickness before he can build up his power.
  • Attack from the beginning and put pressure on your opponent is the safest way to victory.
  • (1-142) Lightning combines Haste with the skill to hinder the opponents forwards and will be a perfect addition to this deck, also thanks to her affinity to other FFXIII cards. Also other cards outside from FFXIII like (1-132C) Cait Sith and (1-121C) Red Mage help this deck to be more offensive. You also have the ability to widen your possibilities with (1-123R) Odin or (1-137R) Seymour to break opponents forwards more easily.

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