Final Fantasy VII Starter Set is one of three starter decks released during the debut of the Final Fantasy Trading Card Game (NA and EU). It includes a deck of 50 cards, a rules sheet, and a play mat.

The deck has a heavy emphasis on the Fire and Earth Affiliations, with a Final Fantasy VII theme.

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List Edit

  • Fire
    • Ifrit x2
    • Black Mage x2
    • Evoker x2
    • Samurai x2
    • Magus x2
    • Squire x2
    • *Cloud x3
    • *Zangan x3
    • *Tifa x3
    • *Red XIII x3
    • *Bahamut Fury x3
  • Earth
    • Dark Knight x2
    • Black Belt x2
    • Golem x2
    • Monk x2
    • *Vincent x3
    • *Wedge x3
    • *Jesse x3
    • *Barret x3
    • *Biggs x3

* Cards only found in the starter decks.

Summary & Tips Edit

  • Based on FF VII, this deck consists of Fire and Earth Cards. Defeat the forwards of your opponent with your strong attackers of this impulsive deck! Search for key cards and strengthen your hand when Jesse or Zangan come into play. Let your favorite heroes like Tifa or Barret shine with their skills which are supported by cards with the same name.
  • Use Jesse or Zangan to get your best cards and win the game
  • Strenghen your deck with cards like (1-182L) Cloud or the (1-187S) version of Cloud. Thanks to the many Cloud cards you don't have to hold back and play your favorite heroes as many times asyou want or specialize on other incredible heroes like Barret