The product as it appears on the official website.

Entry Set Black is one of two starter decks released during the debut of the Final Fantasy Trading Card Game. It includes a deck of 50 cards, a rules sheet, and a play mat.

The deck has a heavy emphasis on the Fire and Wind Attributes, with a dash of Dark for taste.

See Also: Entry Set White


2Jecht (1)1-011Rx1Fire5Forward
3Red XIII (1)1-023Rx1Fire3Forward
4Bartz (1)1-067Rx1Wind5Forward
5Yuffie (1)1-070Rx1Wind3Forward
7Auron (2)1-002Ux1Fire5Forward
8Sazh (1)1-008Ux2Fire3Backup
9Tifa (1)1-012Ux2Fire4Forward
10Chocobo Chick1-016Ux1Fire1Backup
11Brynhildr (1)1-019Ux2Fire3Summon
12Alexander (1)1-051Ux2Wind3Summon
13Onion Knight (1)1-056Ux1Wind4Forward
14Cid Highwind (1)1-061Ux1Wind4Forward
15Hope (1)1-068Ux2Wind3Forward
16Yuffie (2)1-071Ux2Wind1Forward
17Red Magician (1)1-003Cx2Fire2Backup
18Ifrit (1)1-004Cx2Fire1Summon
19Cloud (1)1-005Cx2Fire2Forward
20Evoker (1)1-007Cx2Fire1Backup
21Samurai (1)1-009Cx2Fire3Forward
22Tifa (2)1-013Cx2Fire2Forward
23Red XIII (2)1-024Cx2Fire2Forward
24Aerith (2)1-054Cx2Wind2Backup
25Dancer (1)1-055Cx2Wind3Backup
26Evoker (2)1-057Cx2Wind1Backup
27Chocobo (1)1-064Cx2Wind1Forward
28Ninja (1)1-065Cx2Wind3Forward
29Ninja (2)1-066Cx2Wind2Forward
30Archer (1)1-072Cx2Wind2Backup


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