Chapter 2 booster box

Released on May 27th, 2011 in Japan. the set contains 106 types of normal cards (42 Common, 30 Uncommon, 24 Rare, 8 Special Rare) and 106 types of premium cards.

Chapter I Booster PackEdit

List of Cards Per Crystal on the Chapter II Booster Pack

Fire Edit

Serial Card Name
2-001U Irvine
2-002U Ifrit (2)
2-003C Ward
2-004C Gadot
2-005C Ranger
2-006U Sazh (2)
2-007C Zell
2-008C Onion Fencer
2-009S Tifa (3)
2-010U Tellah
2-011C Ninja
2-012R Palom
2-013C Palom (2)
2-014R Fang (2)
2-015U Luneth
2-016R Rubicante

Ice Edit

Serial Card Name
2-017C Scholar (2)
2-018U Edward (1)
2-019C Edward (2)
2-020C Black Magician (2)
2-021C Calculator
2-022U Shuyin
2-023R Squall (2)
2-024U Snow (2)
2-025C Knight (3)
2-026U Nooj
2-027R Paine (1)
2-028C Paine (2)
2-029U Moomba
2-030R Josef
2-031S Laguna
2-032C Laguna (2)

Wind Edit

Serial Card Name
2-033R Asura
2-034U Arc
2-035R Vaan
2-036U Edge
2-037C Edge (2)
2-038C Cid Pollendina
2-039C White Magician
2-040C Chocobo (2)
2-041C Devout (2)
2-042C Nora
2-043R Barbariccia
2-044U Hope (2)
2-045S Rinoa
2-046U Rinoa (2)
2-047U Rikku (3)
2-048C Rikku (4)


Serial Card Name
2-049C Amodar
2-050U Ingus
2-051U Vanille (2)
2-052C Ormi
2-053U Carbuncle
2-054C Ranger (2)
2-055U Gippal
2-056C Black Magician (3)
2-057C Logos
2-058R Scarmiglione
2-059U Selphie
2-060S Prishe
2-061R Yang
2-062C Yang (2)
2-063R Rydia
2-064E Rydia (2)
2-065C Leblanc


Serial Card Name
2-066R Edea
2-067U Edea (2)
2-068S Kain
2-069U Kain (2)
2-070E Kain (3)
2-071C Kiros
2-072U Cyclops
2-073R Seifer
2-074U Seifer (2)
2-075C Ninja (3)
2-076C Ninja (4)
2-077C Baralai
2-078U Fusoya
2-079C Maqui
2-080C Magus (3)
2-081R Lightning (3)
2-082C Dragoon

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