Auron (アーロン) 1-001r
CP Cost Fire 6 (6 Fire)
Position Forward
Title Guardian
Power 9000
Description When Auron deals damage to opponent, you can put 1 Fire element Backup from your hand onto the Field Dulled.
Errata If you already have 5 Backups on the field, you cannot add a new one.
Serial Number 1-001R
TCG Sets Chapter I Booster Pack
Auron is a great card for setting out early game as his ability synergies well with Backups like, Magus (1), Dajh (if you have Sazh as a main) and Irvine, in order to do mass damage on Forwards your opponent controls. Bear in mind that it's probably best to attack last with this card and have other units wipe out the opponent's characters.

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