Entry 25th 21st

The product as it appears on the official website.

The 21st Century Set is one of two promotional products released for the Final Fantasy Trading Card Game in commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the Final Fantasy series. The set includes a deck of 50 cards, 55 card sleeves, and a rules sheet.

The cards feature characters and summon monsters as they appear in core titles Final Fantasy X through Final Fantasy XIII, as well as Tactics Advance, Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates, the Dissidia series, and Final Fantasy III re-releases.

The deck has a heavy emphasis on the Thunder and Aqua Attributes, with a drizzle of Dark for flavor.

See Also: 20th Century Set


Ashe (1)3-083R2Aqua3Forward
Chaos (1)1-158E1Dark2Backup
Yellow Jelly7-083U2Thunder1Backup
Great Evoker (3)2-090C2Aqua2Backup
Larsa (1)3-096R2Aqua3Forward
Lenne (2)2-096C2Aqua1Backup
Leviathan (3)5-146U2Aqua3Summon
Lightning (1)1-116S2Thunder6Forward
Magus (4)5-119C2Thunder2Backup
Ninja (8)5-114C2Thunder2Forward
Odin (1)1-103R2Thunder3Summon
Odin (A)PR-0472Thunder3Summon
Red Mage (2)1-101C2Thunder2Backup
Sage (1)1-110C2Thunder4Backup
Seymour (1)1-112U2Thunder4Backup
Sice (2)6-064R2Thunder4Forward
Tidus (C)PR-0482Aqua3Forward
Viking (3)5-139C3Aqua3Forward
Yuna (2)1-146U2Aqua2Backup

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