Entry 25th 20th

The product as it appears on the official website.

The 20th Century Set is one of two promotional products released for the Final Fantasy Trading Card Game in commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the Final Fantasy series. The set includes a deck of 50 cards, 55 card sleeves, and a rules sheet.

The cards feature characters and summon monsters that made their debut in core titles Final Fantasy II through Final Fantasy IX, as well as Final Fantasy Tactics. Oh, and Cosmos is here too.

The deck has a heavy emphasis on the Fire and Earth Attributes, with a smattering of Shine for good measure.

See Also: 21st Century Set


Barret (1)1-094Ux2Earth3Forward
Barret (2)1-095Cx2Earth2Forward
Berserker (1)3-009Cx2Fire2Forward
Black Magician (1)1-006Cx2Fire2Backup
Carbuncle (1)2-053Ux2Earth3Summon
Cloud (C)PR-045x2Fire5Forward
Cosmos (1)1-154Ex1Shine2Backup
Delita (3)4-064Sx2Earth5Forward
Eiko (2)4-053Ux2Earth2Backup
Firion (1)1-018Rx2Fire4Forward
Galuf (1)3-055Rx2Earth4Forward
Ifrit (1)1-004Cx2Fire1Summon
Ifrit (2)2-002Ux2Fire2Summon
Monk (2) 6-054C x2 Earth 2 Backup
Red Mage (1)1-003Cx2Fire2Backup
Rubicante (1)2-016Rx2Fire4Forward
Sage (2) 5-010C x2 Fire 2 Backup
Terra (A)PR-046x2Shine3Forward
Tifa (2)1-013Cx3Fire2Forward
Yang (4)7-079Rx2Earth5Forward

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